Boise, ID

Air BnB – Currently we have one room always open for guests. It has a queen sized bed and private bath. As well, we offer cheap and delicious meals for any guest. You can check out the Air BnB site by clicking here.

Pet Retreat – We are also currently using this space for a pet retreat. With its huge backyard, plush pet beds, and enthusiastic and knowledgeable residents it’s the perfect stay for any pet. Rates start at $30/ night and $10/ a check in or daily walk. For more information go to the Contact Us page.

Classes – We also are offering various classes and lessons from our home. Currently we have lessons in music, knife throwing, video and audio work, and Spanish.

Plans/ Hopes for the Future – At the present time we are building a sleeping and storage place in our back shed. There is also hope to construct an outdoor shelter for cooking/eating/sleeping and/or living. Additionally we may seeking out new residents for the next year to help continue the project.